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Hush Twin

hushtwin - 2 Person Meeting Pods
HushTwins are perfect 2 person meeting pods for offices where every inch matters. Made by two conjoined pods, each with their own sofa, desk, lighting, and ventilation, it is larger than hushPhone but smaller than hushWork; both ‘halves’ provide the essential amount of space to work — no more, no less.
For teams who need multiple private work areas in their small office, hushTwin delivers in its efficient use of space.
These 2 person meeting pods are also available in a phone/work version, where one side is perfect for a phone call while the other side has a in-built desk for a VC on your laptop or a short session of concentrated work.
Technical Specs
​Width: 2150mm
Height: 2300mm
Depth: 900mm
Weight: 525kg

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